Scottish wedding show

We attended the Scottish wedding show at the SEC in Glasgow on the 13th & 14th of Oct. It was great to get a chance to talk to some prospective clients. We got some bookings from it. And got the Andoja photography name out there a bit more. 

We will be at the Glasgow wedding exhibition on the 3rd & 4th of Nov. Hoping to meet some more people.

Makeup shoots

A couple of months ago I collaborated with a young student, who needed some shots done of her work for college.

It was a great opportunity for me to expand my portfolio and help a student in return. 

We did three shoots over three days in the picturesque highland village of Beauly. We managed to find three very different settings to give a different feel to the images. 

The first set were shot at Beauly abbey. Which until the day before I never knew existed. The second set were shot outside a café on the main street. Which did attract a fair bit of attention! The third set were shot in a small memorial garden away from the crowds this time.

It was great fun to do. And I look forward to doing more shoots like this.

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